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Our expertise

Our expertise

Our award-winning team have specialist expertise in Myopia Management and are regularly called upon to share their expertise with other optometrists. Cameron Optometry was the first practice in the area to offer Myopia Management contact lenses, and subsequently spectacle lenses, and now has considerable expertise in this area. We are hugely passionate about curbing the increasing rates of myopia in Scotland and believe that Myopia Management could be a very effective way to achieve this. Our Myopia Management team is led by Gillian Bruce, alongside our team of award-winning optometrists (Details of all our team members can be found here.)

Gillian Bruce

Clinical lead optometrist

Gillian Bruce, our clinical lead optometrist, has driven the Myopia Management programme at Cameron Optometry. She was one of a handful of optometrists selected to become part of the test team for the latest MiSight daily contact lenses and is regularly called upon to speak at industry events on Myopia Management.

Aside from being recognised as a leading Myopia Management practitioner, she has a wonderful way with children. Incredibly friendly, patient and caring, she provides an outstanding level of support to all of her patients.

Gillian is one of few opticians in the UK to have completed her diploma in Independent Prescribing, which allows her to manage patients to completion by writing her own prescriptions. In addition to carrying out eye examinations and fitting a multitude of different types of contact lenses, Gillian also covers emergency eye care and handles complex contact lens cases through the Lothian Hospital Eye Service.

Ian Cameron

Managing director

Ian Cameron is one of the UK’s leading lens specialist having been named Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year. He also steered his award-winning team to the coveted title of UK Practice of the Year, one of a number of accolades held by Cameron Optometry in recent years.

With an extensive list of qualifications to his name, including a diploma in Contact Lens Practice. Ian is an expert in various complex eye conditions. He was one of the youngest optometrists in the history of the organisation to be made a fellow of the British Contact Lens Association. He is experienced in every type of contact lenses, including fitting many children with both Ortho-K and MiSight daily contact lenses for Myopia Management.

Claire Keith


Claire joined Cameron Optometry in 2014 making her the newest member of the senior optometry team. Claire is the practice’s third independent prescriber, alongside Ian and Gillian, which is of great benefit to our patients. Claire has recently completed her diploma in medical retinal disease from Aston University.

It is Claire’s goal to deliver exemplary care and service to her patients while using the latest technology and products available, making her the perfect fit for Cameron Optometry. As its suppliers do not restrict the practice, Claire enjoys being able to find the best product to suit each patient – even, for example, if they require a different brand of contact lens in each eye. Claire has fitted a significant number of children with Myopia Management lenses and is also experienced in fitting Ortho-K overnight contact lenses to children and adults.

Heather Grandon


Heather is one of the longest serving members of the Cameron Optometry team having arrived at the practice in August 1994. Her commitment over the last two decades has allowed her to provide the highest standards of care, while forming lasting relationships with her patients and their families. In addition, her extensive knowledge and expertise make her an invaluable support to our new patients, as they join the practice.

Heather works with a very broad spectrum of patients from carrying out routine eye exams to providing highly specialised contact lens and cosmetic shell fittings. Through our work with the Lothian Hospital Eye Service, Heather has worked in partnership with them for over 20 years, in particular fitting a wide range of specialist complex medical lenses for hospital patients. She is regularly visited by those who have failed to find solutions to their complex conditions and her expertise in specialist contact lenses has a life-changing effect some patients. She regularly fits Myopia Management lenses and has a very warm and supportive manner with all of her young patients.

Rebecca Daly


Rebecca joined the practice in May 2019 with an impressive background in eye care. Originally from Mullingar in Ireland, Rebecca gained her BSc (hons) optometry degree from the Technological University of Dublin before moving to Scotland to begin her career in optometry.

Her career has seen her work mainly with an independent optometrist group has gained valuable experience. In addition to over 15 years experience, she has several further qualifications to her name. Like our other optometrists, she holds her independent prescribing qualification, which means she can prescribe medication as required, as well as having abetter understanding of how existing medication patients are taking may impact on their vision. She also completed the MSc in Primary Care Ophthalmology in 2017 which Gillian Bruce also completed last year. In addition to these optical qualifications, she also holds a Certificate in Medical Education which she obtained in 2018.

As well as working with Cameron Optometry three days a week, she also holds a research position at the University of Dundee which is linked to NHS Education for Scotland. In this role she works as one of the postgraduate optometry tutors whilst undertaking some additional research.

Alexandra Young


In January 2021, the practice welcomed highly regarded optometrist, Alexandra Young. Alexandra has an impressive array of qualifications including a BSc (hons) in Optometry and Vision Science, the independent prescribing qualification and an MSc (distinction) in Primary Care Ophthalmology from The University of Edinburgh. She has also been accepted on the Paediatric Eye Care Certificate course with Ulster University, and is hoping to begin her studies for the NESGAT glaucoma qualification. She has recently written two research papers which have been accepted for publication – one in the Royal College of Ophthalmologists’ journal Eye and another in the Journal of Glaucoma. 

Alexandra also works at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion in ophthalmology and looks after children in the paediatric service. She also screens paediatric patients for uveitis, a form of eye inflammation associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. More recently she began working with glaucoma patients at the hospital, so is experienced in treating complex eye conditions. She also worked alongside Ian Cameron at the Edinburgh Emergency Eye Care Treatment Centre during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Heather Muir

Optical assistant

Heather joined Cameron Optometry in January 2015 and quickly settled into her role. She is on hand to assist our patients in the wear and care of their contact lenses. She has specialist expertise and training in helping children adapt to wearing contact lenses, effectively managing their potential anxieties and concerns.

She has created a whole programme to support Myopia Management patients, including a fun information pack, designed and created to make the transition to contact lens-wear as seamless as possible for children of all ages. She also has a number of qualifications in child anxiety and confidence.