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Low Vision Clinic

Low Vision Clinic

With a strong focus on preventative eye care, we make every effort to help patients halt or slow the progression of any eye conditions. With early intervention and appropriate treatment this is often achieved, however unfortunately this is not always possible. Even through the use of specialist glasses and contact lenses, some people find they have to learn to live with reduced or ‘low’ vision. For those patients, we offer a range of specific services to make this adaptation to living with visual impairment as easy as it can be.   

What conditions will benefit?  

Our clinic will benefit anyone, of any age, experiencing low vision, including those with conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cerebral visual impairment (CVI), low vision after a stroke and cataract.     

What can I expect in an appointment?  

We have a specially tailored examination room setup for this service, as well as staff trained and experienced in this area.  We take a holistic approach to look at how you live and how we can improve your day-to-day life.   

At your appointment you will:  

  • have a range of comprehensive low vision assessments  
  • try a number of specialist low vision aids  
  • learn new reading and viewing strategies tailored to your specific condition, for example eccentric viewing for macular conditions and visual search for visual field impairments  
  • discuss and learn other coping strategies and sight substitution techniques  
  • discuss how other organisations may be able to assist you and put you in touch with them  
  • receive advice and provision of technology for visual impairment.  
  • In addition, children with CVI and/or neurodevelopmental conditions will take part in assessments tailored to the specific needs of these conditions.  

Your appointment  

You do not need a referral to make an appointment at our Low Vision Clinic. If you attend another optometry practice, it would be helpful if you could bring information to your appointment regarding your prescription, as well as information from the hospital on your condition/diagnosis if applicable. Please also bring any visual aids that you currently use, as well as a list of the daily tasks that you have particular difficulty with so we can focus on these in your appointment.   

Your initial appointment will last up to an hour. During this appointment we will discuss any specific issues you experience and you will be able to try a full range of visual aids. We will then advise what aids you would benefit from using and will order these for you. When they arrive, we will book you in for a collection appointment which will last around half an hour, during which you will be shown how to use your new visual aids and then take them away. We are also available for follow up appointments by phone or in person depending on your needs. Yearly assessments to ensure your aids are updated in line with your vision are recommended.   


Initial assessment: £125 

Follow up appointments dependant on requirements.

About our low vision optometrist 

Cirta Tooth is an optometrist with a special interest in visual impairment. She divides her time between Cameron Optometry and her work at the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion, there, she works in the paediatric clinic and the low vision clinic. Visual impairment and functional vision are her passion. She enjoys the challenge of understanding the visual world of her patients in order to plan suitable interventions to improve functional vision and quality of life. She has developed strong relationships with healthcare professionals, local support groups and voluntary organisations. She recently completed post-graduate education in Low Vision, Paediatric Optometry and Clinical Education, as well as Clinical Audit and Research. She is involved in teaching optometrists, orthoptists, ophthalmologists, paediatricians, QTVI’s, RNIB staff and post-graduate students. 

For further information email lowvision@cameronoptom.com or call us on 0131 225 2235.